This New + Natural Postpartum-Care Brand Wants Mothers to be Nurtured

November 6, 2020

The gorgeous packaging is one of the first things you’ll notice about Ebi, and like all things that come from this new(ish) postpartum-care brand, it’s not without meaning.

“The simplicity reflects the utter humanity, beauty, and strength in birth,” explains Breighl Robbins, Ebi’s Founder.

Another thing you might be wondering about is the name—Ebi—which means family in the West African language Yoruba. Beyond their exterior, Ebi’s products are just as thoughtful. The super soft cotton underwear comes with a discreet built-in liner and the herbal hydration oil is safe enough to use on both Mother and infant. Plus, they check all of the peace-of-mind boxes: organic, plant-based, vegan, cruelty-free, fragrance-free, 100% recyclable, and made with ingredients from suppliers practicing sustainable farming methods.

We spoke with Robbins about her beautiful postpartum-care brand, the personal experiences and history that inspired her to create it, and her mission to ensure that being nurtured during Motherhood is accessible to all.

FPC: When did you launch Ebi?

BR: December of 2019.

FPC: Almost a year old! How did your own experience of becoming a new Mom play into the creation of this line of postpartum care products?

BR: I was very well supported during my pregnancy, but despite all of that great support (I had a night nurse, lactation consult etc.) there was no one communicating to me the importance of pouring into myself during that time. My daughter was born premature, so I was giving 110% because I thought that’s what was required of me. 

Everything was out of balance. My hair, skin, and diet were all suffering and I wanted to create something that provided comprehensive support during the postpartum period. All of our products address multiple needs and have multiple benefits. I wanted to create something that spoke to our human need to be nurtured as mothers. Something that felt like it met the moment, that was special but didn’t communicate that caring for yourself during this period was indulgent. Comprehensive postpartum care is a necessity and is a matter of public health-support that all mothers need. Ebi products makes that accessible to more people. 

FPC: Speaking of public health, how did your career in public health and integrative medicine play into your creation of Ebi?

BR: Both were absolutely essential. Postpartum is a very overlooked area of health and American mothers are suffering because of it. My work in public health was always focused on how we can move care delivery forward; what’s next? I definitely let that guide me in creating Ebi as well.

Integrative medicine’s focus is on healing the body through a holistic approach. Instead of focusing on one specific area, you’re treating mind, body, and spirit. I can’t think of a period of life that could benefit from this approach more than postpartum. 

FPC: Agreed. How did you decide what postpartum needs to address with your products and how has the product line evolved since you first launched?

BR: Historically, communities would surround a new mother and usher her into her new role with warming drinks, special baths, nourishing foods, and other practices to allow her to feel held during the postpartum process. Each product was inspired by postpartum traditions from many cultures. Our need to be held hasn’t changed, I wanted each product to be a spiritual experience-like you’re anointing yourself and bidding yourself well during postpartum and beyond. 

The Oil is inspired by the Ayurvedic tradition of abhyanga, the self-massage with herbal oil that often includes sesame. The Bath is inspired by traditional herbal baths seen in Guatemala and Nigeria. The Tisane by the warming drinks served in many cultures in Asia. The underwear are an updated take on belly binding. A little gentle support for your core is always nice, especially after birth!

What a lot of these cultures have in common is that the postpartum period is all about restoring warmth and blood building. We lose a lot of blood during birth so all of the products deal with creating a sense of warmth and bringing moisture back into the body. They all work together to provide a comprehensive postpartum experience, so one really doesn’t outshine the others. 

FPC: As someone creating beautiful products for new moms, what keeps you inspired?

BR: Practicing what I preach, for sure. I still use all of Ebi’s products 36 months postpartum. Living out what this brand is all about keeps me inspired, focused, content, and able to bring my best to the work. I’ve learned that if I want to truly help mothers find balance, I have to make sure I’m walking the talk and maintaining balance for me first. 

FPC: What advice would you give to a new mother who is struggling to balance caring for her baby and caring for herself?

BR: The mother-baby connection is foundational to our society. Our later educational prospects, health outcomes, whether or not we feel like we’re successful or happy with life all stem from those precious early days and months (and years!). I don’t mean to put the pressure on, but I do mean to point out that the work of motherhood is of immeasurable value. You can’t do that work well without nurturing yourself first. It all starts with you!

FPC: Your products are clean and natural, and environmentally-conscious. How difficult is it to meet these measures and why is it important for your brand to do so?

BR: It’s not difficult at all. This is a pillar of not only my company, but how I try to live my life. I believe that every action you make is imbued with a certain energy. I only want to imbue Ebi with healing, thoughtful, and kind energy. If the beauty or wellness product you’re creating does not beautify or create more wellbeing through your business practices, I’m just not sure how beautiful or well you can expect your customers to ultimately feel. 

FPC: The branding and packaging are so beautiful! Is there an intention behind the simplicity of it?

BR: Yes. Birth is the great connector and the ultimate unifier. We have all experienced birth by birthing someone and/or being birthed into existence by someone. The simplicity reflects the utter humanity, beauty, and strength in birth. 

FPC: We know that every new mom’s journey is different, but if you could recommend just one Ebi product what would it be and why? 

BR: Like I said, I still use them all. The products are so comprehensive it’s really hard to choose just one favorite. So I guess you can’t really go wrong, you ultimately know what’s best for you!

FPC: So true! What’s next for you and Ebi as you continue to grow this beautiful brand?

BR: My focus is ultimately on increasing birthing justice, and making holistic postpartum care a reality for all. So, a lot. Stay tuned!