Debunking Myths Surrounding Prenatal Exercise

April 20, 2020

“Don’t bring your knees above your belly.” This is what a prenatal trainer from one of the biggest gym chains in New York City told a woman during her workout.

While this may be true for some, it certainly wasn’t for her. So why did she instruct her to do it? Because it’s based on an old myth surrounding how we should train pregnant women. This is one of many that have been learned and reiterated over the years. 

Given that our focus is solely on mamas and mamas-to-be, we have the training, expertise and focus to know that the long list of myths that have taken shape over the years does not apply to everyone. Each and every pregnancy and body is different.

We want to arm you with the knowledge of when these myths apply to you and when they don’t. So, this is the first of a weekly series that will debunk all of the prenatal and postpartum fitness myths that are floating around. 


“It’s safe to continue doing all of the same workouts you did before pregnancy.”

Why this myth exists:

We hear this advice coming from the media and prenatal care practitioners.  The media is the media but your doctor or provider should know better, right? Not exactly. It’s not your OB or midwife’s job to make sure you are exercising safely during pregnancy.  They have a general knowledge of exercise science and general knowledge says exercise is good for humans and especially great for moms-to-be. Unless there is a medical concern, they want you to keep exercising. This is all true, but it’s shortsighted since their focus isn’t specifically on prenatal and postpartum fitness. They haven’t spent the countless hours geeking out over the science that studies the safest and most efficient way to make that happen. Luckily, we have.

Fit Pregnancy Club’s response:

We always say, just because you can, doesn’t mean you should

Your OB or midwife’s recommendation to “continue the same workout you did prior to pregnancy” is coming from a good place.  We want you to continue your favorite workouts, as well, but you need to continue doing it with more intention, better posture and a deeper understanding of how to incorporate your entire core from the diaphragm to the pelvic floor. Your comfort during pregnancy and postpartum recovery depends on it. Whether or not you chose to devote your entire pregnancy to Fit Pregnancy Club workouts or not, it is a good idea to take at least a few classes with us. Check out our Anywhere studio and take the time to watch our “Foundations videos” to solidify a safe, yet challenging, prenatal exercise practice. 

What have you heard?  Leave a comment or email us at and tell us what myths or mysterious exercise advice you’ve received since becoming pregnant. We’ll talk about it in an upcoming post!