FPC + Prenatal Nutrition with CLT Wellness

November 9, 2017

My name is Carolyn Tallents and I am a certified Pre & Postnatal Health Coach and personal trainer at CLT Wellness.  I am so excited to be partnering with the incredible women at FPC to bring you the workshop “Total Nutrition for Pregnancy.”

When I first became pregnant with my son Charlie, who is now 1-year old, I came to the stark realization that there is little guidance for moms-to-be on how to have a healthy and happy pregnancy. My OB reminded me to take a prenatal vitamin, shared a list of foods to stay away from, told me I could continue any exercise I was already doing and said she’d see me next month. I left the appointment feeling like I had a good handle on what not to do, but not a clue as to what I could be doing – what foods should I be eating? What kinds of exercise would benefit my ever-changing body? Were there any ways to manage the symptoms I was experiencing? It was at this moment I decided to focus my practice on pre & postnatal wellness and help support moms through their pregnancy journey. 

A healthy prenatal diet has enormous benefits for both mom and baby throughout pregnancy, birth, recovery and the postpartum period. Eating a diet rich in vitamins and nutrients and staying active, can help keep unnecessary weight gain and other common pregnancy symptoms such as nausea and swelling at bay, lower your risk of conditions such as gestational diabetes and preeclampsia, prepare your body for labor and help you recover more quickly.  

I hope you will join us next week for a great workout and to dive deeper into how to have a healthy and happy pregnancy!