Robin Berzin: This Doctor’s Approach to Self Care and Exercise 6-Months Postpartum

September 1, 2020

Our newly launched curated fitness programs are inspired by our fitness routines for new and expecting Mamas we love. The 30 day programs are completely customized taking their current fitness level and personal preferences into account as well as what stage they are in their motherhood journey.

Our latest postpartum fitness program was inspired by Robin Berzin, MD and CEO and founder of Parsley Health, the ultra-modern functional medicine company that believes that nutrition, wellness and prevention should be on the frontline of healthcare while easily accessible to everyone. Robin is also a mother which made us curious to find out how she cares for herself when she is not busy caring for others. Read on below to get the full details of Robin’s approach to self care and exercise.

FPC: How many months is your baby now?

RB: She’s 6 months!

FPC: That’s a busy but exciting time! What was your exercise routine like pre-pregnancy? Any favorite studios? 

RB: I did Yoga 3x a week and cardio once a month – truly. I hate the gym. I also did resistance band training 2x a week. Yoga was usually at Kula yoga or SkyTing, both in my neighborhood and blocks from my apartment. Soul Cycle or The Class once a quarter.

FPC: What areas did you like to focus on when you exercised pre-pregnancy? Has this changed at all since you became pregnant and had your baby? 

RB: Pre-pregnancy I was focused on lengthening and toning, stress reduction and detoxification. Now it’s about strength, core and energy. Post-both babies I’ve felt like gumby. I also have pretty bad diastasis recti I need to heal. I feel weak in my yoga practice. 

I also avoid working out too much or any metabolism boosting activities until I’m weaning because both times I’ve had a pretty sensitive milk supply. So, now that I’ve mostly weaned, I’m getting back on the wagon, starting with getting strong again. 

Exercise also really helps my mood, digestion and sleep and I’m not worried about losing weight the way I was when I was breastfeeding. In fact quite the opposite. I’m ready to cut the last 8-10lbs and get back to my pre-baby weight. 

FPC: All important factors when working out! Do you feel like you have to sweat to get an effective workout?

RB: It’s ideal. I can do a great yoga class and not sweat, and love it and feel like my mood energy and digestion all get a boost, but sweat is even better. 

FPC: Yes we totally agree! Do you use weights when working out, or do you prefer body-weight? 

RB: I like weights more and more for bone strength and for metabolism. Sometimes weights for me are in the form of resistance bands, which I find to be a great way to do weight training on the fly. They definitely boost my metabolism significantly vs just body weight. 

FPC: Are you familiar with your inner core unit, pelvic floor and diaphragmatic breathing?

RB: I am! Thanks to FPC. 

FPC: We’re so happy to hear that!:) How long are your typical workouts? How many times a week? 

RB: Usually 1 hour for yoga, 15 minutes for weights. 

FPC: Lastly, what does your self-care routine look like right now?

RB: It’s all over the place! Truly. Since COVID, some of the things I counted on, like going to a yoga studio for a class, or getting a massage (basically anywhere I could turn off my phone for an hour and not have a child calling for me!) are out the window. So I’ve gotten creative. Yoga in my bedroom after the kids bedtime, meditation outside on my lunch break, or even just taking my zoom calls outside. Turning off the computer on Sundays. Making sure I take Monday through Thursday off from any alcohol. Turning off Slack/email at night so I’m not “always on.” Eating super healthy since we are cooking more than ever. Also totally enjoying my meal of pizza and a beer on Saturday when the last thing I want to do is cook. And my coffee walks which are all about getting some headspace (+ coffee) outside!

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